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Heater Servicing


Here at Cutting Edge Plumbing Group, our job involves a lot more than just emergency plumbing. Our services include gas heater servicing and maintenance, repairs and replacement, plus gas heating installation in Melbourne. Every job is possible for our experienced team of technicians.

We are specialists at analysing problems and locating their causes. We can also offer immediate fixes. But it’s not just a temporary fix. All of our gas heating services come with long-lasting solutions, so you’ll be warm for years to come.

Our response vehicles are full to the brim with the latest tools and equipment for the job. Likewise, every technician is up to date with the latest information to provide the best service possible. Even the trickiest faults are no match for us.

So when you need fast and reliable gas heating repairs in Melbourne, or are just looking to have a new heater installed, give us a call today. To assist you in realising your goals, contact one of our helpful call centre representatives today.

Best Way To Find A Plumber Near Me

With a growing need for plumbing services, plumbers have become increasingly accessible. With the emergence of smartphone technology, plumbing services are now just a tap away. Gone are the days when you had to look through the yellow pages or call local plumbers to find one in your area. This method can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing, so it’s nice to have a quick way to locate a local plumber. An even better way is to bookmark Cutting Edge Plumbing Group and rest assured you’re in good hands.

One of our experienced plumbers at Cutting Edge Plumbing Group, can also provide you with information about the safety measures they take when performing plumbing services. For example, an improperly installed water system can result in major damage to your home and endanger the safety of you and your family. A experienced plumbers are trained to make sure that the water system is installed correctly and that it meets local building codes. They also know what to look for in a water heater and when small issues may be a sign of larger issue